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10 Questions to Ask During an Interview: Determining Culture Fit

Sometimes a job interview can feel like an audition. Rapid-fire: What are your strengths? Why do you want to work here? Can you tell me about a difficult situation? But for the best jobs out there, the interview process should be a conversation, not an interrogation.  When looking for a new job, you should be just ...Read More

How to Successfully Navigate a Midlife Career Change and Avoid a Crisis

Your happiness at work correlates with your overall life satisfaction. Over a lifetime, the average full-time American worker spends one-third of their waking hours working. If you’re not fulfilled at your job, it can affect your health in ways you may not realize. For these reasons, an increasing number of workers are finding themselves in ...Read More

Is Risk-Taking Behavior Key to Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Back in 2004, when Mark Zuckerberg was still creating the beginnings of the now-behemoth Facebook, PayPal co-founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel told Zuckerberg a piece of advice that will always stay with him: “In a world that’s changing so quickly, the biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk.” If you want to start ...Read More

Understanding Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneur is a word that has been gaining popularity in the business world in recent years. It’s a term that describes a person who is encouraged to spearhead new experiments, projects, or initiatives by and within their company. While intrapreneurship may sound like something only startup companies can do, that’s not the case at all. ...Read More

7 Reasons Why it’s Never Too Late to Start a New Career

Is a Career Switch In Your Future? Do you find yourself feeling bored and tired at work more frequently? Are you struggling to care about your work at the same level you once did? Maybe you are burned out – or perhaps it’s a deeper problem. Do you also feel jealous of friends and relatives who love ...Read More

College Education ROI Calculator

Education ROI Calculator to Estimate Value of Continued Education The cost of higher education is a chief concern for students and families alike. You may wonder if continuing education post-undergrad is worth the cost of tuition, books, and the productivity costs of taking time away from the working world. You want to earn more money in your ...Read More

Switching Careers? Top Industries for Job Growth in 2019 [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the economy continues to grow, more professionals are taking advantage of the benefits of switching careers. In order to secure a successful future, you’ll need to choose a career in a growing industry. Some of the key metrics to pay attention to when it comes to job growth include: Current job employment Projected career growth  Median salaries ...Read More

How to Write a Resume to Get You Hired

Your resume is often the first professional impression you make when you’re looking for a new job. Resumes that are keyword-optimized are more likely to be found in online searches. Resumes summarize career evolution, provide details about skills and technical capabilities, and highlight why a candidate is the right fit for a particular job. A 2019 ...Read More

6 Signs it’s Time to Switch Jobs

When unemployment is low, job seekers are at an advantage. With fewer candidates to choose from, companies have to get creative to attract the best talent for their vacancies. This could create incredible opportunities for those looking to switch jobs. In order to fill openings, more and more companies must offer higher salaries and expanded ...Read More

Job Interview Tips: How to Knock Their Socks Off

Do you have an upcoming job interview that you want to ace? These job interview tips are here to help. A lot has changed about job-seeking and application in the past years, but job interviews remain the deciding factor between new employment and a continued job search. Job interviews are daunting for a good number of ...Read More

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