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Which Leadership Style Is Best for Your Team?

Your natural leadership style may be a result of your personality, your values and your strengths and experiences. But effective business leaders avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. They know they need to adapt to the needs of their teams in order to effectively lead. The leadership style you’re naturally inclined to may not be appropriate ...Read More

Employee Retention: How Can You Keep Your Best Talent?

Don’t be surprised if most of your employees aren’t invested in their jobs. Gallup research in 2019 shows 87 percent of professionals around the world aren’t fully engaged at work. They might not identify with their work, feel loyalty to their employer or even enjoy what they do most of the time.  That matters because ...Read More

10 Hiring Best Practices and Lessons

The hiring process is the first impression potential employees get of your business. How you execute it impacts your bottom line and future success. Consider: How intensive the interview process is: A 2017 study of 84,000 interviews found the average length of the hiring process is nearly 24 days. How much the hiring process costs: The December ...Read More

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