Digital Leadership Certificate Program

Digital Leadership Courses & Certificate Program

The Digital Leadership Certificate Program is a collection of digital business education courses fueled by the research of AI at Wharton and designed to help professionals expand their leadership skills and become more digitally savvy. Leaders in any industry need to know how to pivot and adapt to evolving landscapes. With new technologies disrupting traditional business operations, there is an opportunity for leaders to step up and transform their organizations.

Whether you’re a newer leader or already have an established role within your company, this program can provide you with the digital business education you need to help your organization thrive. Learn how to make lasting change within your workplace by studying topics such as digital retail strategies, applications of AI in business, and the implications of a growing digital economy.

If you already hold a Leadership and Management Certificate from Wharton Online, you can complete the Digital Leadership Certificate Program for a 20% discounted price ($1,800) and become eligible for an Executive Leadership Certificate.

New to Wharton Online but still interested in an Executive Leadership Certificate? Enroll in both leadership certificate programs for a discounted price of $5,500.

How It Works

To earn our Digital Leadership certificate, learners must complete four digital leadership education courses.

  • Leadership in the Age of Digital Disruption
  • Artificial Intelligence for Business
  • Managing in the Global Digital Economy
  • Removing Barriers to Change in Organizations

These digital leadership courses are also offered individually for learners who are interested in the above topics but do not wish to complete a full certificate program.

Program Details

Start Dates: 
Enroll Immediately

4 weeks per course

2-3 hours per week

Program Format:
100% Online

Program Tuition:
($585-$599 per individual course)



Why Study Digital Leadership?

  • 70% of businesses’ digital transformations fall short of their objectives1
  • Digitally mature companies see higher earnings growth than companies that lag behind2
  • 93% of executives believe digital transformation is crucial for achieving strategic goals3


Who Should Take This Online Certificate Program?

  • Early- to mid-career working professionals
  • Current or aspiring managers
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Small business owners
  • Business and management students

Key Certificate Program Takeaways

Prepare yourself for a leadership position in today’s evolving landscape with Wharton Online’s Digital Leadership program. As you progress through this digital business leadership program, you’ll learn from real-world examples and gain crucial skills that can help you elevate your organization’s digital strategy.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Adapt to changing business environments
  • Develop effective digital strategies to support business goals
  • Incorporate new technologies into business operations
  • Implement strategic initiatives for digital platforms
  • Overcome roadblocks to organizational change

Digital Leadership Certificate Program Courses

Individual Course Descriptions


Course Description

Duration: 4 weeks

The retail industry is being disrupted by emerging technologies. Retailers who want to succeed need to learn how to evolve in a rapidly changing business environment. In this digital leadership course, you’ll learn how to apply lessons of digital disruption to your organization.

This four-week course is relevant to a variety of industries and markets. It is taught by Barbara Kahn, an internationally-recognized retail expert and scholar. During the course, you’ll learn about Kahn’s Retailing Success Matrix and see how successful brands have differentiated themselves from the competition.

Find out how to develop the right leadership approach for your business’s specific challenges with Leadership in the Age of Digital Disruption.

Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Develop online and offline retail strategies
  • Differentiate between effective and ineffective digital strategies
  • Develop the right leadership approach to achieve specific business goals
  • Create competitive strategies to thrive in today’s marketplace
  • Leverage their leadership skills to gain a competitive advantage


Course Description

Duration: 4 weeks

Technology-oriented professionals can set their organizations up for success by studying the real-life applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in business. Professor Kartik Hosanagar designed the Artificial Intelligence in Business course to help learners gain a better understanding of how AI can be integrated into the workplace.

The course begins with an overview of big data and data analysis. From there, you’ll dive into the fundamentals of AI and machine learning, and see how these concepts can be applied to different business contexts. The course material balances the benefits of AI with an examination of the risks and ethical questions associated with these technologies.

By the end of the course, you’ll see how you can deploy AI and machine learning to help support your organization’s business strategy.

Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Incorporate emerging technologies into their business strategy
  • Harness insights from big data
  • Analyze specific machine learning methods
  • Design governance frameworks for implementation of AI
  • Deploy AI and machine learning technologies


Course Description

Duration: 4 weeks

The digital economy refers to the rapidly expanding economic activity that takes place online. Whether it’s local, national, or global, digital platforms have a profound effect on how business is conducted. In recent years, successful companies have transformed their business models to keep up with digital and mobile trends. What types of strategies did these companies adopt?

Learning how to respond and adapt to the global digital economy is a vital part of your digital business education. In this course, you’ll learn how new technologies can help you grow your business. If you want to be able to approach management from a more informed and digitally-savvy perspective, this course may be right for you.

Managing in the Global Digital Economy is taught by Mauro Guillén, a professor of International Management at Wharton. Throughout the course, Guillén will share real-world examples of how businesses have adapted to the digital landscape.

Course Modules

  1. The Growth of the Global Digital Economy
  2. Digital Platforms and Network Effects
  3. The Digital Transformation of Traditional Business
  4. The Internationalization of Digital Firms

Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Analyze the local, national, and international effects of digital platforms
  • Craft digital strategies to support business growth
  • Advocate for omnichannel strategies
  • Propel digital transformation within your organization
  • Approach international expansion from a digital perspective


Course Description

Duration: 4 weeks

How do you initiate change within your organization, and what constitutes true change? In Removing Barriers to Change in Organizations, Professor Jonah Berger will teach you how to improve your persuasion and influence skills—so you can inspire change within your colleagues.

During the course, you’ll cover how to overcome roadblocks to change with a method known as the REDUCE framework. It’s natural for people to push back against change, but by taking steps to address their concerns, you can convince them to embrace new ideas.

By studying the change management strategies outlined in this course, you’ll learn how to become a more effective leader and set your organization up for success. This ability to drive change within your company is crucial in today’s constantly changing business environment.

Participants Will Learn How To:

  • Improve their persuasion skills
  • Ease change’s uncertainty by demonstrating its value
  • Communicate the negative effects of inaction
  • Access the amount of evidence, time, and resources a change will require
  • Enact change management strategies within their organizations

Take the four courses above to earn our Digital Leadership Certificate. Enroll today.

World-Class Wharton Faculty

Wharton Online’s digital leadership courses are taught by four outstanding faculty members. These faculty members are leading researchers in areas such as marketing, brand management, social influence, and the digital economy. Our Digital Leadership professors have had their work published in numerous academic journals and have appeared on media platforms such as CNN, Forbes, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. They have also authored several books on business management.

Faculty research interests include:

  • Brand management
  • Internet advertising
  • Digital media
  • Viral marketing
  • Customer relationship management

Jonah Berger

Associate Professor of Marketing

Research interests:
Word of mouth marketing, social influence, viral marketing, natural language processing

See Faculty Bio

Mauro Guillén

Dr. Felix Zandman Professor Emeritus of Management

Research interests:
Internationalization of the firm, the impact of globalization, diffusion of innovations and crises

See Faculty Bio

Kartik Hosanagar

John C. Hower Professor; Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions

Research interests:
Internet advertising, e-commerce, digital media, technology enables, data infrastructure

See Faculty Bio

Barbara Kahn, PhD

Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor; Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School

Research interests:
Brand loyalty, brand management, consumer choice, customer relationship management, customization, decisions under uncertainty

See Faculty Bio

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