How To Scale Your Business Internationally

You may decide at your business launch your intention to venture internationally or you may move into new territories as demand for your products or services increase. Since more than 95% of global consumers live outside of the U.S., reaching new customers transnationally can help you expand your business market,Read More

What Is the Digital Economy?

The amount of data available to business owners continues to grow exponentially, which is helping leaders transform their businesses.  To get an idea of how much potential there is, the volume of data created, captured, copied, and consumed worldwide grew over the previous decade from 2 zettabytes to 64.2 zettabytes,Read More

What Is the Network Effect?

Business owners are usually well aware of the power of referrals. Spreading the good word about a company and encouraging their contacts to purchase or use a service can help increase the sales and sentiment of a business. Companies that rely on signups, memberships, or registrations truly rely on theirRead More

4 Examples of Digital Transformation in Retail

To deliver an exceptional customer experience today, retailers need to embrace the technology channels where their customers spend their time. Today, that’s often online. Top retailers in the U.S., including Walmart and Costco, offer engaging online experiences in addition to in-store shopping. Retailers like Amazon sell primarily via e-commerce. DigitalRead More

4 Top Disruptive Technologies Impacting Business Operations

Technology can make businesses more efficient while lowering operations costs. It can also increase employee satisfaction when it makes work easier. Businesses that are slow to adopt technology may lag behind competitors that integrate cost- and time-saving technologies that help accelerate positive results. Evolving technologies are changing consumer expectations aboutRead More

Customer Lifetime Value: What It Is and Why It Matters

Unless you sell a single, one-time-use-only product or service, it’s in your company’s best interest to cultivate customer loyalty. Long-time customers may: Make more purchases consistently over time Refer other customers to a business Impact company sentiment through brand advocacy on channels such as social media Cost less to retainRead More

Why Is Change Management Training Important?

Navigating change in a business setting is a significant challenge, and skillfully leading staff through a transition is key to a business’s success. Think of how many companies had to pivot during the pandemic, such as restaurants shifting to take-out models and offices adopting entire remote work policies. These businessesRead More

Best Online Courses for Management and Leadership

A successful management career depends on skill development and learning. Even the most talented managers continue to seek educational opportunities to develop their skills further and become better leaders and managers.  Online courses for managers allow you to continue to advance your career even when you’re already working a full-timeRead More

What Is Omnichannel Marketing?

Think of all the ways a consumer might learn about a brand today. They might use a smartphone to visit a brand on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. Or they may watch a brand’s YouTube videos on a tablet. They could also discover a company’s website afterRead More

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