Why Should Managers Take Artificial Intelligence Courses?

Business woman working at her desktop computer

If you want to help your organization remain competitive in today’s market, you may want to consider studying artificial intelligence. 

AI is quickly changing the way businesses operate, and its influence is only expected to increase in the coming years. According to a report by PwC, 52% of companies accelerated their AI adoption plans following the COVID-19 pandemic. In McKinsey’s “State of AI in 2021” report, two-thirds of survey respondents said their companies’ investment in AI would increase over the next three years.

By learning about AI and its use cases for businesses, you have the opportunity to step up and introduce new digital strategies for your company.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business Management

The opportunities for using AI in business are almost endless. Some examples of how AI can be used in businesses include:

  • Automating administrative tasks, such as data entry or scheduling meetings
  • Screening the resumes of job applicants and notifying applicants of updates
  • Improving customer service through chatbots 
  • Providing product recommendations based on customer behavior 
  • Collecting and analyzing feedback from employees and customers
  • Identifying and responding to fraud threats with automated software
  • Predicting supply chain conditions 

By incorporating AI into different aspects of your business, you can create streamlined, efficient processes that give your company a competitive edge. As a manager, you may even find that AI and machine learning can make your job a bit easier. For example, you might be able to automate some of your more time-consuming tasks or use AI to make more data-driven decisions for your team.

Reasons to Study Artificial Intelligence as a Manager or Business Owner

There are several reasons why managers, executives, and small business owners may decide to take courses in artificial intelligence. Here are some ways in which learning about AI could benefit you and your company:

  • After studying AI, you’ll be better equipped to help your organization implement new initiatives. Gartner reports that 42% of CIOs do not fully understand the benefits of AI in the workplace. After becoming familiar with AI and its many applications, you’ll be prepared to take on a leadership role in the development and implementation of new AI initiatives. 
  • You can refine your organization’s digital strategy. Chances are, your competitors are already using some sort of artificial intelligence. AI courses provide you with insights into how AI, big data, and machine learning can be applied to different industries. With this foundational knowledge, you’ll be ready to take your company’s strategic initiatives to the next level. 
  • You can become a catalyst for organizational change. Successful companies need to be willing to adapt to industry trends and disruptions. Armed with an understanding of what AI can do for businesses, you can inspire change in your workplace and suggest new ideas for how AI could be implemented. 
  • AI courses can help you become a more well-rounded leader. If your company already has a team working on AI initiatives, studying AI can help you understand how and why these employees do what they do. Taking an AI course may allow you to provide better support to your company’s analysts, engineers, and developers—especially if you do not have a background in technology.
  • You can share insights with your team. One of the great things about taking an AI business course is that you can share what you’ve learned with your colleagues. According to PwC, in order to successfully adopt AI in your workplace, you need to build a culture that embraces experimentation and questioning. By sharing what you’ve learned in your course, you can spark conversations about how AI could be benefiting your company.

Who Is a Good Fit for Artificial Intelligence Business Courses? 

If you have little to no familiarity with AI or machine learning, you might be hesitant to enroll in an AI business course. But pursuing this type of education can have tremendous benefits for both your professional development and the success of your organization. 

At Wharton Online, we offer an Artificial Intelligence for Business course as part of our Digital Leadership Certificate Program. This course is designed for AI beginners who want to explore new ways of helping their organization grow. Throughout the course, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of AI and discover how emerging technologies can be incorporated into an overarching business strategy.

You may a good fit for this course if:

  • You’re responsible for making strategic decisions at your company
  • You want to help your company expand into new markets 
  • You’re interested in statistics and data analysis, but do not necessarily have extensive experience in these areas 
  • You want to learn more about how AI and machine learning affects businesses 
  • You want to pursue continuing education opportunities, but do not want to commit to a full degree program

Be a Part of Your Company’s Digital Transformation 

Our Artificial Intelligence for Business course can be taken alone, or as part of the full Digital Leadership Certificate Program. In addition to the applications of AI for businesses, the certificate program covers topics such as digital disruptions, how to adapt to a global digital economy, and strategies for effective change management. 

The Digital Leadership Certificate Program gives you the tools you need to elevate your organization’s digital strategy. Plus, all of the courses are offered in a 100% online, self-paced format, so you can easily continue your education while working full time. Request more information today.