The 3 Skills You Need for the C-Suite

Budgeting. Management. Strategic Planning.

Wharton Online can bring you the skills you need to get ahead.

In the past year, there were nearly 16,000 job listings for CEO. The most requested skills for this position were budgeting, management, and strategic planning. Fairly straightforward, until you try to prove to the hiring committee that you have the skills needed to win the job and lead the company to business success.

That’s where Wharton Online comes in. Over the past three and a half years, we’ve had over 75,000 learners earn 150,000 certificates that they’ve used to start, switch, or advance their careers. We use real-time job market data from Burning Glass, business intelligence from our industry partners, and academic research from world-renowned Wharton faculty to design relevant, accessible, and useful online courses that examine real-world business challenges.

But most importantly of all, when we design our courses, we listen to you, the learner.

We know you went to college, and you’re currently at work. You may still be waiting for college to pay off, or you may be ready to level up to the next step in your career. You’ve sent us a message, loud and clear: you need business courses with practical application from a powerful brand you can trust, delivered when and where you need them.

That’s why we’re so excited to bring you the redesigned Wharton Online site. We developed it with the learner in mind, to bring you only the most relevant, effective and impactful business courses that are proven to show results.

We’ll be updating this site with more features designed to help you achieve your career goals in the coming weeks, and we can’t wait to tell you about them then.

But in the meantime, welcome.

~ The Wharton Online Team