Switching Careers? Top Industries for Job Growth in 2019 [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the economy continues to grow, more professionals are taking advantage of the benefits of switching careers. In order to secure a successful future, you’ll need to choose a career in a growing industry. Some of the key metrics to pay attention to when it comes to job growth include:

  • Current job employment
  • Projected career growth 
  • Median salaries across industries
  • Wage growth
  • Management gaps and opportunities

This infographic shows the top twenty industries for job growth in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Find out which industries are the most likely to grow in the next decade to inform your career change.

infographic illustrating the top growth industries in 2019

Why study job growth in America?

Though the economy can be unpredictable and often volatile, choosing a career path in a fast-growing industry will expose you to more opportunities for development, advancement, and ultimately higher salaries. The best way to secure your career’s future is to keep a measured eye on thriving industries and their projected growth. 

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