Don Huesman

Don Huesman is the Managing Director of Online Learning at the Wharton School.

Previously, Don held positions at Wharton as the Managing Director of the Innovation Group, as a Senior Director supervising technology support for the School’s academic departments and faculty and overseeing the use of technology in Executive Education. Don has been a lecturer in Wharton’s graduate and undergraduate programs, teaching courses in IT and Decision Sciences.

Don was an entrepreneur and software pioneer in the early days of the personal computer industry, co-founding the company that produced The Organizer, the first personal information manager for PCs. His company put the first calendars, to-do lists, and contact management systems on personal computers.

Don has taught the strategic use of information systems in a variety of executive education programs, including Wharton’s Advanced Management Program, the International Forum and the American Institute. Don is currently a doctoral student at Penn’s Graduate School of Education studying higher education management, technology enabled learning environments and non-traditional adult learners.